Great Tree Pharmacy (6469 TT):Core Target of a 20% Great Tree store expansion

2022-03-22 Non-Tech
Great Tree Pharmacy Post FY2021 Results Updates

* Core Target: Great Tree reported 2021 revenue growth of 30.5% YoY, driven by a 20% store number increase and a 15% store area increase. The pandemic situation also operational know-how helped company achieved better-than-expected operating leverage. Company sets the target of growing store number by 20% on year-on-year basis in the next 5-year as the "Core Target".

* Growth Engines: e-commerce with enhanced efforts, alignment with Sugi Japan and Great Tree Pets are three additional growth engines for company to grow over mid-term.

* 10-Year Plan: Company targets to expand footprint overseas, with disciplined approach to test-water the targeted markets.